The Red Goat Collective brings together people who believe that we can and must develop the theory, practice, and sustaining infrastructure that can move beyond ‘cancel culture’ (in its many forms). We aim to contribute to re-grounding left movements and organizations in a culture of respect, reason, debate, solidarity and comradeship–things we will surely need for the struggles to come. By helping to surface left cancel culture’s fallacious methods here, we hope to contribute to an increasingly conscious and collective process of thinking through and beyond the present impasse. We need movements that can build effective resistance to the current unjust and unsustainable world system, that can shepherd broad popular forces capable of defeating the ruling-class agenda, that can help people to grasp the world’s problems in their genuine complexity, and that can nurture into existence a new world that will be more reasonable, just, and free than the one we have now.

In that spirit, the Red Goat Collective welcomes all manner of thoughtful responses to our opening polemic, at the email address below (or elsewhere). We also welcome stories of how ‘cancel culture’ has played out in readers’ own circles, as well as resources and reflections to help our movements and organizations develop alternative methods for dealing with the challenges we face. Thank you for reading. And for continuing the discussion.

The Red Goat Collective can be reached at: RedGoatCollective@protonmail.com